On-Site Service CL-1

Service Plan Details Applicable
External Cleaning
Thorough Disassembly & Internal Cleaning
Cleaning goes hand in hand with Calibration
Piston Assembly Maintenance
Re-assembly & Test for functionality
Labels affixed with the date of service & Novamed tag
Service meets or exceeds manufacturer's recommended specifications
Same-Day-Service on campus
Warranty on all Calibrations
Free estimate on your repair (only a nominal flat fee applies for repairs)
Routinely Seals are replaced once a year on certain models. Additional charges apply. Parts additional.
Gravimetric Calibration. Pipettes are calibrated at low volume, checked at high volume.
(One Volume)
A consolidated certificate of calibration is provided, aids in CLSI / CAP /CLIA compliance.

Service Requirements:

  • About 12 feet of laboratory bench space
  • Permit/Security Pass for technicians
  • 3 tips for each pipette
  • PO# Authorization
  • Payment via Credit Card (Master/Visa/American Express) accepted
  • Decontamination of pipettes is required.
  • (Download Decontamination & Service Request Form) OR click Request Now
Pricing (Parts Additional) Single Channel $20.00  

Multi Channel
(Multi-Channel are checked for all channels, but calibrated at only one channel at random)