Calibration EX

Service Service Plan Details Applicable
As Found Gravimetric Evaluation of pipette performance as received from your facility 4 weighs @ 3 volumes
Inspection Complete Disassembly, Functional Diagnosis, Parts performance, Cleaning, Polishing, refurbishing & Computer controlled calibration / adjustment.
Labels Labels affixed with the date of service & Novamed tag
As Calibrated Gravimetric evaluation per manufacturer's specifications 4 weighs @ 3 volumes
Documentation Certificate of calibration provided, aids in ISO/GMP/GLP compliance
Cost Estimate Free estimate on your repair (nominal flat fee applies for repairs)
Warranty Warranty on all Calibrations
Turn Around Time 48 to 72 hours turn around after Novamed receives the shipment at Skokie, IL facility
Seal Replacement Routinely Seals are replaced once a year on certain models. Additional charges apply.
Pricing (Parts Additional) Single Channel $32.00  
  Multi Channel,
Multi-Channel are checked for all channels, but calibrated at only one channel at random.

Service Requirements:

  • 3 tips for each pipette
  • Decontamination of pipettes is required. (Download Decontamination Form)
  • PO# Authorization
  • Payment via Credit Card (Master/Visa/American Express) accepted